Ceramic Keep Cups | Handmade in Australia


It's time to ditch the single use coffee cups once and for all, because if everyone makes a small change, it can make a big difference.

These gorgeous Ceramic Keep Cups come in a variety of styles, and three sizes:

  • Small 6-8ml
  • Medium 10 - 12ml
  • Large 14-16ml
Silicone Lids included.
Due to the handmade nature of our product sizes are not exact and will vary from cup to cup. All cups (except Blue Moon and Jade) have specialty glazes and processes. 
Often using 2 or 3 different glazes and up to 8 layers to create these very unique and individual colours.
Most can NOT be replicated exactly due to the unique nature of the ceramic glaze process. No two cups will ever be exactly the same.
Ocean Swell
Night Sky
Strawberry & Cream
Mother Earth
Blue Moon
Fraser Island
Mt Warning