The psychology of fulfilling your potential

The psychology of fulfilling your potential

What drives you to want to fulfill your potential?

Maybe we will all be more satisfied the closer we get in life to being our best self on a regular basis? Or living at close to our full potential.

In the 1950s Ed Maslow created his now famous Hierarchy of Needs pyramid.

The pyramid starts with our most fundamental human needs at the bottom and works its way upward. The key to understanding the diagram is that while you may have some experiences in any level, you can't fully immerse yourself in any level until the needs at every level below have been fully met.

So that you can’t fulfill your Esteem Needs until all of your basic needs have needs have been met and you have experienced unconditional love.

Here’s the kicker – unconditional love is as rare as it is powerful.

It is critical for babies in order for them to develop optimally. It is also needed in adult intimate relationships in order that they develop optimally.

So what does unconditional love look like and why it is so critically important?

Have you ever experienced unconditional love - given or received?

What are the characteristics of unconditional love that differentiate it from other care and affection that one person might have for another?